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Anderson's East/West Connector provides more than driving convenience

Vance Rowland  | Published on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Making Connections


Are you taking full advantage Anderson’s new East/West Connector? If you are just driving on it, you are missing out! The Connector, (or East/West Parkway as it’s officially known), offers a wealth of opportunities for “making connections.”Several people are already enjoying running, walking and biking on the new asphalt pathway paralleling the road. But you don’t have to be a “fitness nut” to benefit from the path. Below are some ideas to improve your Connector experience.  

Thinking about walking or running to get in shape? There are several places to park along the route. You don’t have to cover the full length your first time out. Set small goals and expand them each trip. Pick a trailside tree and challenge yourself to pick up the pace until you pass the tree. Walk to one of the many benches along the route. Take a well earned break and enjoy the scenery before heading back.

Get the family out on the trail. It’s a great outdoor adventure for young kids. The trail is good for strollers, bikes, scooters, etc..  Challenge the kids to a race from one tree to the next. Sit on a bench and play a car counting game. (Choose a color, one point for each car your color.) Search for four leaf clovers along the side of the path.

Do you enjoy wildlife? There are numerous opportunities to spot deer, turkey and birds of prey along the route. On clear days you can sneak a peek at the mountains from the path. Enjoy the changing seasons.  Right now the colors provided by the blooming dogwoods and blossoming trees are well worth the effort. Take along a pair of binoculars and hone your spotting skills.

Are you Interested in biking but not ready for a full on road or mountain bike ride? Take an easy spin on the asphalt path without worrying about cars or roots and rocks. Many area shops offer bike rentals. For instance, you can park at Grady’s, rent a bike there, and ride right out of the parking lot. There are several styles of bikes available to fit any skill or fitness level.

The Parkway is yours to enjoy. Get outside and make your connection! It will improve your quality of life!